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Professional TRAINING

At Altered Fitness, we know that you don't have to live at the gym or be locked down by an unsustainable diet.

Living healthy and building an amazing physique should NOT make you feel miserable. That's why we aim to educate our clients. We just don't give you a plan and send you on your way. We equip you with science-based knowledge of exercise and nutrition, while providing you the necessary tools and support to be successful now, and for years to come. 

MEET YOUR Trainers

"Transforming your mind and body to live life at the highest level!"


Zach Downs

Owner & Head Coach

Specializing in Custom Transformations

Zach has been in the fitness industry professionally for the past 9 years. After being a collegiate athlete receiving his bachelors in Kinesiology & Exercise Science going on to run a gym, while also training clients individually for 5 years! After covid hit, gyms closed everywhere.


"I had so many people reaching out asking what they could do with the equipment they had at home, I felt called to do my part in these hard times educating others on health & fitness with REAL education that works. That is when Altered Fitness was born!

Now being online the past 3 years we have found so much success, especially compared to in person coaching! Online we get the opportunity to provide you with so much more value at a much lower rate, ultimately resulting in a results that stay for good!"

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Specializing in Spanish Speaking Clientele

Daniela Is our Nutrition Coach, specializing in all things nutrition, and nutrition education. Meal Planning, Macro Education, whatever you need we have it!

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Specializing in Women's Custom Coaching & Transformations

Lexie is our certified personal trainer specializing in Women's Custom Coaching & individual transformations. No matter your goal, or what you have to work with - she will ensure you find success in your health & fitness!



Specializing in Mindset & Life Coaching

Michelle is our certified Life Coach, specializing in mindset & mental health. Schedule one on one sessions, or ask about our mindset program to transform the way you look at life!

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