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Altered Fitness Programs 

At Altered Fitness we make things simple! So we divide our programming into two different sides!


Custom Coaching & Self Service.


Custom Coaching consists of our signature program "The Transformation" This is a fully customized one on one experience, with custom workout programming & custom nutrition meal planning. This is a custom tailored experience, transforming your mind & body to live life at the highest level! You will receive your own personal trainer with full access 24/7 to ensure your success! 

Don't need coaching, or customization?! No problem! Self Service is the program for you! With our Altered Fitness training app we will provide you a pre made program, with app guidance &the choice between home bodyweight, home dumbbells'/bands, or the gym! We will also provide you with nutrition documents to educate yourself on all things nutrition!

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Our most popular programs providing full customization with one on one coaching to transform your mind & body!


Our pre made programming, giving you the tools to run your own successful fitness journey!

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At Altered Fitness we use REAL evidence based methods in training & nutrition to ensure you find success!

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