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Don't need coaching? Don't need customization? No problem!

If you are looking for a premade program that is sure to improve your health and fitness, look no further self service is for you!


On our self service side of programming, we provide you with everything you need in order to run your fitness journey on your own! You will receive access to the Altered Fitness Training APP where you will log & run all things health and fitness!


Along with abilities to sync an apple watch, fitbits, and myfitness pal, our app also provides access for logging body comp stats, sleep, workouts, measurements, nutrition, goals, and so much more! With access to our massive workout library, app guided workouts, movement video demonstrations, and all the instruction you need you will be sure to run your fitness journey successfully on your own!

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Training with Fit Ball


In our access pack program you will essentially receive access to all things Altered Fitness.


First and foremost, you will get access to our Altered Fitness Training App. Next you will receive access to our Altered Fitness Private Members Community for that external accountability where we run live trainings, giveaways, challenges, and so much more!


In the app you will be able to log all things health and fitness on your own! You will get access to our massive workout library full of amazing workouts sure to give you exactly what you need!


Disclaimer: There is no workout program, or anything pre planned in the access pack. (However all those tools are open to set & assign anything and everything on your own)


The Apex Program is our most popular program on the self service side of programming here at Altered Fitness. The Apex Program includes everything listed above in the access pack, and more. This is the ultimate program providing everything you need to run your fitness journey on your own!


First you will receive a pre-made program loaded in your calendar on your app giving you all the structure you need to be successful! You will have your warm up, workout, stretch/mobility, and cardio all programmed in and taken care of. You will have 3 program options to choose from consisting of home bodyweight, home dumbells/bands, and the gym!


In your app you will have pre-programmed in-app accountability to keep you on track with body comp stats, progress picture updates, and so much more. 


You will also receive initial macro nutrient numbers calculated specific to you and your goals. Along with this, you will also get our bonus Altered Fitness cookbook with 50+ macro friendly recipes!

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