5 secrets to get lean

My top 5 Secrets to Getting Lean!💪

As an fitness coach one of the BIGGEST questions I get about getting lean is HOW!

How do I get lean, & lose weight? What do I need to do in order to do this without hating the process?

How can I still enjoy the foods I like, and get the results I’m looking for? How do I still go out with friends, and not get setback with my progress?

Don’t worry!

What if I told you, you could still eat that favorite dessert & lose weight at the same time!🤯

What if I told you, you could still go out & enjoy some drinks with friends without getting set back on your progress?

Here are my 5 secrets to GETTING LEAN, & learning to love the process!

1. The truth about getting lean is that it takes TIME! ⏰

You can’t expect results overnight so you NEED to have the MINDSET of 6-month long transformation or longer. You need to adjust your expectations if you truly want to get lean!

2. You need to EAT MORE food!🍴

I know a lot of you are thinking, “But wont I get fat?” If you know the right amount of food to eat, you will be fueled while being able to lose fat!

3. Running is NOT the only exercise to Burn Calories! 🏊‍♂️

There are a bunch of different variations to increase your heart rate, while still enjoying the process!

4. You need to stay CONSISTENT! 🔑 (especially with your diet!)

You can’t only eat right tracking 5 days of the week, & then binge on the weekend expect Big Progress! CONSISTENCY over time is KEY!

5. You need to stay ACCOUNTABLE! ☑️

Find a friend that wants to achieve similar fitness goals as you, or find a coach that will assist you along your journey!

Any one of these secrets could be the one that moves the needle for you! One probably speaks to you more than the others & thats great! Wherever you are, implement these secrets into your life & I promise you results will come!

So I have 1 more question..

What if I told you, you could achieve EVERY goal you have set out for yourself; all you have to do is follow a step by step plan laid flat out in front of you, would you do it?

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